Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rocket Day!!!!

Today was a busy day for us, but such a great Family Day!
Aiden had a Basketball Game at Benson today! He plays on the 2nd and 3rd Grade Division. He really likes it and we enjoy watching him play.
After the game we headed to St David to pick up some Tamales from a local Farmer's Market. Ben and I have been on a Tamale craze- we love Tamales! They weren't Spicy enough for Ben and just right for me!
Then we headed to Willcox to the Dry Lake bed for some Rocket Launching. On our way out to the Dry Lake we were on a dirt road and hit something and the tire went flat, so we changed our tire. Ben had the boys help him with changing the tire and all I could think of was the "Christmas Story", but we live in AZ where it is warm and no snow and there was definitely NO CUSSING about losing the lug nuts!!!
We finally made it to the launch site and set up. We ended up with 8 launches and 7 great recoveries.

The way I look at is that Ben has a reason to work on his rockets now, by doing the repairs!
All the boys had a great time and really enjoy the time that they get to spend with their dad in this great new hobby!
After the launch we headed into Willcox to see if we could find a tire store open to fix the tire, but no luck. We did find the HUGE METAL PEICE on the side of the road that caused the tire to pop.