Sunday, January 18, 2009

1st Pinewood Derby

Corwin with his Cubmaster Bevin Judd.

Corwin with his Wolf Den!

Corwin racing! HE WON TWO TIMES.

Corwin so proud of his car!

So here's the story. I go to Den meeting in November and they hand out the Pinewood Derby cars. I am so excited that Corwin will be able to do this with his dad. What a fun project I think. I thought Ben would be so excited.
The next day I tell Ben about the car and all the excitement that I have, is completely vanished.
Ben is terrified. Thoughts flash through his mind about his childhood memories about Pinewood Derby years and he is not happy.(Something about putting the car in the over, the tires melting, the paint not drying, the car getting stuck on the middle of the track- DISASTER)
Luckily after Corwin put some ideas together, and I had a guy in our ward that is a wood shop teacher.Things started to look a little better. I pulled some strings and had Ben and Corwin meet Brother Barney at his shop. They had a great time and Ben's dreams were starting to come alive again.
They painted and sanded and really worked hard on this.
Corwin was so excited and so was Ben, until Corwin wanted to paint some flames on our Bronco Blue(in memory of Ian Johnson #41). I didn't feel comfortable painting and either did Corwin, so I went on the internet, found some pictures of flames printed them, cut them out and pasted them to the sides of the car. Ben was not happy. But after seeing the flames he wasn't so hurt.
Corwin was Happy and that was all that counted.
We then find out that the our ward doesn't race until 2:30. That is the same time Ben has to leave for work. We tried to work out another plan for Corwin to race at another time, but it never worked out.
So, after all was said and done. Ben had to leave before we started, so he didn't get to see Corwin race. Corwin won 2 races, which he was so proud of. Last, someone recognized Corwin's car as a Hot Wheels replica.
Ben's Pinewood Derby disaster days were over. We recovered with a great race and happy faces.
The car never stopped in the middle of the track and Corwin or any other boy did not receive the turtle award.
Congrats to Ben and Corwin!!! Great job.
PS Aiden can't wait to make his car. HE already has his design, but he doesn't get to race for 2 years.


Here's our little snow I was talking about. This was the day after Christmas. I was so disappointed that it wasn't Christmas Day. There still wasn't enough for us to go play in it. It was still Snow!

Arizona Snowman!!

So, in Arizona we have very little snow if any. My nephew, Daren decided that we needed to be creative with all my tumbleweeds. I think she is beautiful!!!

Christmas Morning

OK! So this is really late in getting posted. I have slacked. So Merry Christmas, late!! My boys think that they look like candy canes. I think they are so CUTE!!!

Arizona Sledding!!!!