Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look What I Found!

So, I found my broken camera and found the last pictures I took right before it broke.
Doug, Caressa, Payton, Joey and our family took a trip to the Bruneau Sand Dunes. We had a hard time at first sliding down with our sleds, but soon got the hang of it and were enjoying our day.
The last slide I took was the doom of my camera. I had it in my pocket and sand filled my pocket as I slid down, when I got to the bottom there wasn't a camera inside my pocket. I called up to Doug and he luckily saw it in the sand, barely showing at the top of the surface. I dusted it off and cleaned it best I could, but to no avail it won't focus anymore. I am so sad because I am attached to my camera and taking pictures of my family.

Camera Broken

So, I find it hard to come to this site and blog when I don't have my pictures to remind me of what I have done. Ben and I have taken some pictures this summer with our phones, but have not taken them off the phone and onto the computer.
So when I get a chance to get some of those pictures onto my computer I will start blogging again.