Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liam's Version of Rock, Paper Scissors!

Liam calls it "ROCK A BABY SCISSORS!!!"
He only picks rock and scissors too! I love it!

Monday, October 19, 2009




10/5/2009-The next day I go to see our car. I am sad. I have had some good memories in that Suburban with my family. Good family vacations and long trips to everywhere in Southern Arizona!
I take a few days off work to feel better. It is hard to move my neck and is more sore some days.
10/6/2009- My sister Karyn flies in Tuesday night to help our family out. The Relief Society has meals set up for our family for the week. This helped us tremendously to get me back on my feet again.
10/7/2009- Happy Birthday! Not so happy. I am thankful for all the love that friends and family shared and showed for me this day, but I just wasn't feeling that Birthday spirit this year.
10/08/2009- The car is totaled. Their car is totaled.
I opted to take Defensive Driving Class Online to prove to myself once again that I am a good driver and that accidents do happen. I am still trying to cope with the fact that I did this.
10/10/2009- I take Corwin to his Soccer Game. He starts to complain about his back hurting. I am worried that he has done something to it while in the accident. He was laying down in the back seat when we crashed. I take him to the ER and tell them that he was running different than he normally does and that he said it really hurt to jump on a trampoline at a friends house the other night. The ER Dr. acts like why did I bring him to the ER. Corwin says he's fine and we go home. A few nights later our family doctor calls and wants to get Corwin in for an MRI, he says that kids backs don't just hurt unless something is wrong. We are scheduled Thursday October 22nd for the MRI.
10/12/2009- I pass my Defensive Driving Class with only missing 1 question out of 55. I am feeling some confidence. I am driving again, my neck is not so stiff anymore and the pain is not as intense. I am nervous at driving. I am worried about every move I make and every move others make. It will make me stronger and a better driver I keep telling myself.
This week I wake up with Laryngitis. The boys and I just ended our Fall Break and then I go back to work with no voice. Lovely. Maybe next week I will wish for a BAD WEEK and then all will go well, Right?
So far that is the case. As I left work Friday, I told everyone that I am going to have a Bad Week next week. I was able to go to work today and work my normal shift! Yeah for Bad Weeks this week!
Sorry this is so long... I wanted to document this time in my life. I am glad that I blog, because I don't journal.
Thank you Karyn for coming to help our family. Thank you John for bringing your family down to visit and drive Karyn home. It was such a nice time to visit with each other. Leanne thank you for getting together with us for October Birthday Lunch!
Love you all!!!

A lot in a short amount of time!

I haven't looked at my blog in awhile. When I first opened it up I noticed that the last time I posted was Friday night, the day before "IT" happened. The week before I was dealing with Aiden who had the Flu, so I had missed work almost the whole week. I finally returned to work Friday and my last words were, "Next week is going to be a great week!" My famous last words for awhile...
Saturday October 3rd, I decided to take the kids up to Tucson to see Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D! We met Ben up there and the kids had a good time at the movies. Liam didn't like how the 3D glasses fit on his face so he opted to watch without his glasses!
After the movie we decided to get some dinner and Ben wanted to do some birthday shopping for me. I took the kids to Toys R Us while he stayed at Target and shopped. I went back and picked him up and then drove him back to his work to pick up his car and drive home. Aiden chose to go with Ben that night and Liam and Corwin stayed with me. I asked Ben if he wanted me to wait in the parking lot with Aiden until he brought his car around and then we would leave together. He said, "No, Aiden can come with me and you just go home." So I left and was heading home. While driving I had a thought about what if I wrecked the car and drove off the road, would Ben notice as he drove by that I was in a field off the side of the road. It was a strange thought. I let it pass and kept driving.
I got to the intersection where I was to turn left and get onto I-10 and head home. There were 2 cars ahead of me and we were all stopped at the red light. The light turned green, the two cars turned, I followed suit. Instantly I saw the other car heading right for us and realized that we were going to be hit. The loud crash, the smell of smoke, jolted me from my seat. I jumped out, ran to the backseat and pulled Liam out of his carseat and frantically yelled at Corwin to get out of the car! We were safe on the side of the road. Then I noticed that the other cars driver was not able to get out his vehicle. I ran over to him with Liam in my arms and noticed that the doors to the vehicle had been smashed in. I yelled to him to get out, jump over the driver seat and GET OUT! I had smelled smoke and feared that the cars would catch on fire. Luckily, it was only the smell of tires and brakes. I ran back to find my cell phone. To call 911 and Ben. Surely Ben saw this happen. I look around and he isn't anywhere. He was suppose to be following me home. I call him and he has no idea. He had turned right and was heading to get gas. He quickly turned around to come help with the kids and me. I sat down with the kids by my side and hugged them and held them tight. Crying, angry, confused, full of adrenaline.
A Border Patrol agent came down the on ramp. He headed for the other car. No one was around. All of sudden Border Patrol cars came from every directiont o help. They all ran to the other car. I was panicked. I thought everyone had gotten out of the car. Why is everyone over there. Slowly the agents were helping two occupants out of the vehicle. All I could see was that they were limping and being helped over to the side of the road.
All I could think was how could this happen? What happened? Had I made a mistake? Did they run a red light? I was thinking over and over and over. I could imagine myself at that light, I can see the two cars in front turn, I can see me turn, but I can't see the light in my mind. I can't tell you if it was a solid green and they had the right of way or did I have a green turn arrow and I was protected to turn.
Finally someone comes over to check on me. I tell them I am fine, the kids are fine. The only thing that hurts is my left thumb. I ask about the other people and they say "Due to confidentiality we cannot talk about the other people". I don't care about confidentiality, I want to know how the people are. This frustrates me so much because I feel for them and that I may have caused them to hurt.
The officers arrive and start to ask questions. I can go through the motions with them until I turn, and then it's gone. My memory is gone. WHAT COLOR WAS THE LIGHT? WAS I PROTECTED OR NOT? I am still haunted by this, I can't seem to come to terms with this because I can't see it in my mind.
Ben finally arrives after the officers escort him over with Aiden to the scene. By now my neck is throbbing. I can't move it and I am shivering. I am in shock.
I opt to go to the hospital to get checked out and make sure that everything is ok. I am thankful that Ben was there to help with the kids. What a scary thing for them, and to see all the lights and sirens must be so surreal.
Luckily everything checks out ok at the hospital and I am free to go home. I had a bad case of whiplash and contusions where the seatbelt was and where the airbag hit me, when it went off.I ask again at the hospital about the other people in the car. All they could tell me was that they were not critical or life-threating and that they had been taken to a hospital as well to be checked out. As I walk out, I ask Ben if it is my fault and he says, "Yes". I start to cry. I cry hard for those other people that I hurt. Not intentionally, but I caused pain to other people. This breaks my heart so, because I feel for others. I do not want to cause pain on anyone. I want to make it right.
All I want is to get my kids and go home to my bed. Dan and Gretchen were kind to come take Corwin and Aiden and offered for us to stay with them in Tucson, but I just wanted to go home. I wanted to go to sleep and wake up and it be all over. Unfortunately, it was not a dream at all.
The next day, I am processing everything. It is still not believable that this happened.
I am still worried about the other people. On my accident report I have their phone number and names. I want to call, but something inside tells me to let it be. I am afraid how angry they are at me for what I have done. I opt not to call them. I still wonder and worry.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Apparently when the adults go to bed early on a Friday night, the kids are left to fend for themselves and get themselves to bed. This is how Daren found them before he went to bed.

Cochise Stronghold & The Chiricahua's

Daren was in college the last time I visited Cochise Stronghold and Chiricahua's. He didn't come to visit with his family that year in 2006, and then he was serving his mission when his family moved to AZ.
So he got to go exploring Southern AZ while here visiting and working for me (babysitting and Weed Puller)!!!
He went to Tombstone, and realized that it is a Tourist Trap! Then we ventured to Cochise Stronghold for some hiking. Since moving to Benson I have had probably 10 rattlesnake encounters on my property. I am not fond of this and so I am very cautious. While hiking I was a nervous wreck the whole time the kids were climbing on rocks and going off the path. I had to leave quickly because my stomach was churning that someone was going to get bit. I realized that I have never been to Cochise Stronghold in late September and so probably nothing to worry about when I have been there before. Needless to say, we didn't see a snake. PHEW!
So off we drove an hour away to see the Chiricahua's. I love this place! If you ever come to visit, chances are I will take you here because it is such a Spectacular sight!
Back to the last time I visited and why it had been so long! 1st is we moved to Benson, so we aren't as close as we used to be when we lived in Willcox, and 2nd, Corwin wandered off on the trails, right before dusk, and I was so panicked that it would get dark and that we would not be able to find him. There are animals that live in these rocks and he was only 5 at the time and how could he survive out in the wilderness by himself. I started yellling his name, and he wouldn't yell back. I was running up and down and PRAYING really hard that he would be found. I think about 15 minutes of sheer panick, he finally showed up at the parking lot, like nothing was wrong. Needless to say, I hugged him so tight and cried tears of joy.
Back to my day with Daren. I had a LONG talk with the boys about staying together, not getting too far ahead, and telling me exactly where they were going. Liam was in a death grip hand for awhile, he didn't seem to want to venture too far from mom. Which was a good thing for me. I only prayed once this time, when the older boys took off back up the trail and there were several other trails leading other directions. Luckily the boys stayed on the right path and Daren was quick to run and catch up with them to make sure they were safe. Thank you Daren for being so quick!
We had packed a picnic and enjoyed seeing the Mexican Jays surrounding us. Daren took Corwin and Aiden to a presentation on the Erickson's Homestead and how they ran a resort like place in the Chiricahua's.
Then we went up into the mountains to go exploring. This was such a fun trek. We ended up hiking down about 1 mile and then had to trek back up. All the boys loved this. Liam did pretty good for walking most of the way. On the way back though, he wanted to be held most of the time. I look at this as great excercise! I need to do this every week to strengthen my muscles and get back in shape!
We had a wonderful time here and the only thing the boys said they would do over is to make sure that their Dad had a day off so we could go again with him!
We have plans that on our next day off together as a family we are going to go hiking somewhere!

Corwin's 9!!

Make a wish and blow out the candles! Pictured: Aiden, Corwin, Natalie, and Spencer's friend Sarah!

Corwin is going to be Snake Eyes for Halloween!

Corwin's new favorite book series "Diary of a Whimpy Kid" and favorite movie of the day "Bionicle, The Legend Reborn"

This year was Family Birthday! I asked Corwin what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go see, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" in 3D. Have Spaghetti for Dinner, take brownies to school and have a chocolate cake!
So we did!
Corwin's birthday was on Sunday this year, I asked him if he wanted to celebrate on Saturday and even open his presents on Saturday. He said SURE! I explained that there wouldn't be any presents on Sunday if he opened them Saturday night. He was fine with that, and he was so good about it Sunday!

Water Balloons

Daren had the oppurtunity to entertain Liam while I went to work. They got very creative in their ideas!
Here is Liam trying to throw water balloons on Daren!
Notice the saggy drawers, apparently that is a cool thing to do even at 3! :-)

Simpson Bowling Alley

In our house we have a very looooooooooong hallway. The boys have tried to make forts, play basketball, have races and other sorts of things to entertain themselves! The other day Cousin Daren came to visit and he turned it into a Bowling Alley for Liam. I love it!!!! Thanks D!

Running down the hall

Releasing the ball