Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After C-notes own haircut. He got the mommy treatment!

This may or may not be #3. I am still bracing for another big one!

Today when I came home from work Corwin ran up to me and gave me a great big hug and was so happy to see me. I took one look at him and this is what I saw..................................................................


So this past Sunday, a week after the car broke, Ben's brand new "TV" went on the fritz! He was MAD! I was so glad that it wasn't the kids or me that broke it. We think that the fan went out. Luckily it is so new that it is still covered by warranty. I think in a way that this is a blessing. If we can live a week without a TV why not go the whole summer, or maybe even a year. I will have to up my Netflix limit so I can stay sane. This would be good to be able to save that $ that we spend each month on Satellite! Oh, Ben just informed me that we are in contract for a year so we have to wait until September to cancel. OK so that won't work! As Ben says, "A BOO!"
So back to the broken TV! We have had to come up with some of our own entertainment and this is what Ben videoed today!

Oh the things that kids come up with to entertain!

Things come in 3! #1

So last Sunday Ben's Chevy Aveo finally died. It was a great car that was only suppose to commute 60 miles a day, but when Ben got a transfer it became 140+ a day. This car was used and abused. We were glad that it was paid off and that the gas mileage was around 38 mpg. We were hoping for it to last one more year so that we could have the Suburban paid off before we got another car. Not the case though when the mechanic called to say that the Timing Belt had broke and probably ruined the Engine for good. I was not in a good mood for sometime. The car was not even worth enough for us to fix it. So off we went to go car shopping. Oh joy!
By Thursday night he found his dream car (for now). It better last a long time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simpson's Got Talent

Warning: This is Cheesy!
The boys had a Talent Show at school that they really wanted to be involved in, we didn't have anything prepared in the short notice, so Ben said we could do our own Family Talent Show! As you can see Liam was the only one prepared that night to show off his talent. Maybe if the rest of us find our hidden talents we can post those too!