Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome Family Ski Trip!!!!

Up at Sundance, Utah

Kendra, Aiden, Ben, & Corwin

Ski Lessons

So Ben and I had the oppurtunity to take Corwin and Aiden up to Sundance and go skiing. Ben had been up with his dad and brother to the Canyons earlier in the week and said the snow was melting. I was a little hesitant about taking the boys, afraid they would be miserable. We enrolled both boys in ski lessons so that someone else had to listen to them complain!!!! They did really good in ski lessons so after lunch we took them on our own up the chair lift and down the mountain. Corwin and Aiden LOVED it. The great thing is, they want to go back. Ben and I were so proud of our boys!!! We can't wait to come back next year and take Liam too!

Aiden and Corwin on the chair lift. How fun!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aiden's 7th Birthday!!

One Crazy Day!!

In February we had one crazy day!!! I woke up to make Ben's lunch and he comes out and shows me that his eyes are swollen and puffy. They are so swollen that he can't see out of them very well so he decides that he should stay home from work. I go back to bed and Ben comes in and says, "Have you seen outside?" I hadn't, so I go look outside and it is SNOWING. I was so excited to see the snow. It was coming down pretty good, more than the pictures I took in December after Christmas. At 6am the school called to say school was canceled for the day. I come from Idaho where it takes a lot of snow to cancel school, but not in Arizona. So now Ben, the boys and I, are home all day. In our family we have Family Fun Day whenever we are all together, but Ben's eyes were swollen and the boys were getting over nasty colds.
The snow melted by 9 that morning and we were stuck inside, oh joy. The boys kept asking what we were doing for Family Fun and Ben's response was always, we're not supposed to all be home today so we're not having any fun outside.
At about 10 the boys convinced their dad to go get Donuts. Ben had taken some Benadryl and was doing a little better. So we went for donuts. I then convinced Ben that we should just drive around the area and look at the snow. Everywhere we went it had melted( why was school canceled?). Somehow in our adventure we ended up at Colossol Caves. We had never been there and we thought we could drive around the area and just see what they had there. The boys thought otherwise and convinced us to go inside the cave.

So what was suppose to be a stay inside day and rest, turned out to be a Great Family Fun Day Adventure. Thanks Boys.

Visiting Tucson!

Corwin standing by a Saguaro Cactus!

Liam riding the Peacock!!

Grandma paid for a train ride in the park!

They boys with their cousin Kyt!


So my sister has finally convinced me to get a Facebook account. She says its much easier to communicate that way. Now I am busy with a blog, email, facebook, IM's, texting, working part time and keeping my family all organized. Who has the time?!!