Friday, August 14, 2009

Liam's Story!

This summer in Boise Liam told us a very interesting story that happened to him..... He will deny this when he gets older!!!
So Ben's mom loves to make Fruit Salad in the summer as often as possible and we love it too! Liam loved the fresh fruit and really liked the blueberries. So one night after eating fruit salad Liam had to go to the bathroom, so I took him in and he discovered something....
He told me that he had swallowed the blueberries and that they went in his tummy and then down there! He was so excited that he had bluberries!
The next day he woke up and went to the bathroom and said, "Oh, their not blueberries anymore, their marbles!!!!"
I love kids and their sayings!


Today Ben was trying to get Liam to get his shoes on! Ben started talking to Liam in Spanish and Liam would repeat gibberish with his tongue sticking out thinking he was saying what Ben was saying! This went on and on until I got the video camera out. I tried to get the conversation on tape and Liam stopped.
So here is the small piece of tape that I did get.

Here are some photos, they are not real clear, but show a little of the rash!
Aiden woke up with a rash last Sunday morning! Ben and I were trying to figure out if it came from the pool or from the sheets at the hotel. Aiden has very sensitive skin and so we were thinking that it probably came from the sheets at the hotel because they use harsh chemicals! Well, that's not what happened.
After a couple days in Tucson we came home and took him to the Dr. The Dr. was completely stumped to what it was until we mentioned that he had been in a hot tub. Right away he said that it was Hot Tub Disease or Folliculitis! This is a Parasite that lives in the hot tub because of lack of cleaning and having the right balance of chemicals and PH! So if you own a hot tub make sure you drain it and clean it out completely every six months, and make sure your chemicals and PH are balanced!!!
The Dr said that this kind of rash is a waiting game. There is nothing you can do about it except lather up in Hydrocortisone cream and take Benadryl!
When Aiden first broke out, it was all over his body except for his face, head, hands and feet. Today (5 days after his first break out) he woke up and it has spread all over his face and neck, and some on his hands and feet.
None of the rest of our family got this, thankfully, but our niece Shae broke out a couple days ago just on her chin and arms! It's a very strange disease.