Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Dyson Vacuum

This is silly, but I have to post about my new vacuum!
The other day I was having Corwin use my new vacuum. While using it I was teaching him about all the cool things it could do. Corwin said, "Mom you are very happy that Grandpa and Grandma bought this for you, aren't you?" I responsded quickly and said, "They didn't buy it for me, but they let me use their Senior Citizen Discount!"

While in Idaho Kohl's had their All Floor Dyson vacuum's for $100 off original price! We thought that that was a pretty good deal, until we saw that Senior Citizen Day was Wednesday for 15% off! They were also running a special that for every $50 spent, you would receive $10 Kohl's cash. Then we opened a Kohl's credit card to save an extra 20%.
So with all our savings my dad and I ended up spending $530 on 2 vacuums! I like to say we got 2 vacuums for the price of 1! Then the following week we were able to take the $120 in Kohl's cash and let my mom go shopping for new clothes for herself!
I love deals and I love my new vacuum!!!! One of the best features of the new vacuum is that Ben actually vacuums now! He said that now that I have an awesome vacuum, he will vacuum!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

I almost forgot to post about our FUN 4th of July! Our family had the oppurtunity to go to Beaver, UT to meet Ben's mission companion Joe, and his wife Andrea (who served in the same mission), and their family! What a great time we had. We had a BBQ and then their neighbors put on a great Fireworks show. We sat right under the fireworks! For a small town and a few donations they kept us entertained!
It was so nice to be able to reunite with them after 15+ years! Thanks for the great memories and we hope to make this a tradition!

Now a plug for their Restaurant: If you are ever in Beaver, UT you have to go to the Timberline Restaurant! It is located behind the Chevron right off the exit! Joe is a Master Chef and he and his dad own this family restaurant. Ben and I love the food! We loved the food before we knew it was their restaurant!

Liam's 3!!!!!

Where has the time gone?
I remember late night talks with my friend Rebecca about when we would have our last child. We wanted to get pregnant around the same time so that we could raise our little ones together. We had dreams of spending every week at the park and swimming at the Cove.
Where did that time go?
Rebecca and I both had little boys about 3 months a part and rarely saw each other that first year.
Now 3 years later I am in shock that it went by so fast.
I am afraid to blink for fear that all the boys will be gone! I have cherised every minute with my boys because I know they don't stay little forever.
Happy Birthday Liam! Here are some pictures of how fast time flew.....

Boise Summer Trip 2009


OK, so I just typed this and had all the pictures in place and somehow it all erased! SO now you get whatever version I can remember!!!

Our family gets the oppurtunity to go back to Idaho for 3 weeks every summer. We try to pack all we can into our trip because when we return to Arizona we are bumps on logs because of the HEAT!

The first week we arrived my niece Sarah was getting married in McCall. What a great time for all of my family to get together! We were only missing 1, David, he is serving in Mexico on a mission. We missed you Dave! Thanks Sarah for a GREAT excuse to get together! Congrats Sarah and Josh on your wedding... and the arrival of your first baby!

The second week we decided to entertain the the Simpson cousins by going to a new business called Monkey Bizness. What a great way for the kids and (some) adults to slide and climb and jump on inflatables! Liam and Aiden and Corwin all really liked the Climbing Wall!

Here is the reason why adults should be really warned about going on these things!!!

While we were there we had to go play in the water! We were able to go to Cascade Lake and play and the following Saturday we were on the Main Payette River having the time of our lives!
Notice how calm Aiden is after going through a major rapid!
We are hoping in the next few years to start taking weekend trips and eventually go on week long trips!

Here is Corwin in my parents backyard playing with the ducks that fly in everyday to eat and play in the bird bath!

Grandpa Simpson signed up the boys for swimming lessons while we were there too. Aiden went 1 day!! The next week was Payton's birthday party and so we went to a Public Pool called Ivy Wild. It's a great place for the whole family. They have a kiddy pool with toys and slides and 3 larger slides for older kids and adults to ride. Last year we took the kids there and they went down the spiral slide all by themselves, this year, Ivy Wild changed their policy that all kids had to pass a swim test, all the cousins failed. What did swimming lessons teach our kids?

When we go home we have certain places that we have to eat. My 2 all time favorite is Chicago Connection Pizza and Fanci Freez for a Boston Shake (Milkshake on bottom, Sundae on Top).
My favorite food that I had there was my dad's AWESOME Reuben Sandwich! I am not one to like Reuben's, but my dad is an amazing cook and he can make one mean Reuben. When we lived in Boise, Ben would mow the lawn for my parents and my dad would pay him by making a Reuben. Ben was very happy with that deal! We ate out at a lot of different places, but my dad's cooking still is the best! Thanks Dad for awesome meals!

The best part of our trips is spending time with our families.
We had the oppurtunity to spend time with Ben's grandparents. Their time is near finished on this earth and we enjoy the memories we make with them when we go to Boise.
Thanks Mom and Dad Simpson for letting us crash in your basement for the whole time!
Thanks Mom and Dad Pehrson for letting us come over every day to visit and play and eat your yummy food! A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to my mom for doing our laundry consistantly!!!!

Thanks to our friends there for letting us see you and get caught up on life!

If I forgot I anything I will add a Boise Summer Trip 2009 Part Deux later!!!