Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aiden's Baptism "He's 8"

Well I am documenting that Aiden had the worst birthday day ever!!!!!! His birthday was on a Friday and he really wanted to have a sleepover with a friend. I agreed and we planned on it all week and then I ended up coming home from work on Friday with STREP THROAT!!!!! I went straight to bed and the boys played video games until I couldn't handle the fact that I couldn't even get up and feed my own kids. So I had to call the mom to come get her boy and PROMISED Aiden that we would make it up to him. I called Ben from work and made him come home and take care of everyone.
The next day, we opened presents on my bed while I laid there and then I went to the hospital to get it confirmed that it was strep, and sure enough it was.
Aiden had planned on having his baptism on Sunday February 14th, we had invited family from Tucson and Chandler and Ben's parents had flown down from Boise to be part. Saturday I was not sure what I was going to do, should I postpone it and do it when I got better or just go with the flow. THANKS to a wonderful neighbor Teresa and my lovey hubby Ben, we were able to keep the baptism date.
Sunday morning arrived and I still was not getting better, in fact it seemed as if my throat had closed even more and I was not able to swallow. My mother in law arrived and talked me into going to the hospital again to see if we could get some relief. They were able to give me a different shot and sent me home.
I went to bed for awhile and then it was time to get ready to go to the baptism.
It was so special and so neat, and I am SO glad that I took the opportunity to go and be there with him.
When we got back from the Baptism, my neighbor Teresa brought over some of the food that I had her make(so I wouldn't contaminate everyone). It was a wonderful meal. I was glad also that I had Ben's cousin Cindy make some rolls too. Mom always says, many hands make light work!
I hope that he remembers the importance of Baptism, and that even though it wasn't such a great Birthday, it was a great weekend with Family and Friends.
The next day I was feeling better so we took everyone to Kartchner Caverns and toured and picnicked and hiked.
Looking back, Aiden just went with the flow, he never seemed bothered about all that was going on and falling through.
I hope that Aiden continues to let things just flow and slide off his back. I love you Aiden
PS His friend got to come back after a few weeks and have that sleepover!!!

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Kytsmom said...

That's what's great about kids. They don't pay attention to the details hof how it happened, they just remember that it happened so he's going to remember that it happened and that it rocked!